~ About us ~

Why we are different.

GenTokens is a community of like minded people that share a passion for Crypto. We came together with a single purpose and an unwavering ethic. We want to make Crypto safe. Our team has developed unique utilities, systems and code that has made it possible to deploy safely onto the binance smart chain. We protect buyers from corrupt developers and contracts from bots.

But without the right team, all of this means nothing. Many people in DeFi “go rogue”. I believe that tainted money has no value. A stolen gain today will create a massive loss tomorrow. When your moral compass has this ethic at its core you cannot be bought for any amount of money. This ethic, above anything else, is the reason that I hand picked each member of our team.

  • April 28th, 2021

    GenTokens is Born
    YouTube Channel Created

  • June, 2021

    Gallant Token

  • July, 2021

    MUSO Token

  • August, 2021

    GeniusBoy Token & Mobile Game

  • September, 2021

    Champioon Token

  • October, 2021

    Shiba Junior Token

  • November, 2021

    FoxGirl Token

  • December, 2021

    AutoShill Token

  • December, 2021

    iPay Token

  • January, 2022

    GEN Token

  • March, 2022


1749 Telegram Members

8530 YouTube Subscribers

2733 Twitter Followers

369 Cups of Coffee

  • Our Mission

    Our unique deployment system protects buyers from corrupt developers, and contracts from bots.
    With the support of our community, our mission is to clean up this world of crypto that we all love.

    We humbly thank you for your support.

~ Our Team ~

Meet the team

~ Our Tokens ~

The GEN Family of Tokens

GEN: The GenTokens Flagship Token

As the solidity developer for many projects, my fee includes a percentage of future transactions. Part of this fee is redirected to GEN. With each new token that I create for another team, the amount of money coming into GEN increases, allowing the "In-Token Fees" to be gradually reduced. The goal of GEN is to eventually remove all fees, eliminating obstacles and gaining access to established exchanges, while still feeding the auto liquidity to increase the price floor and supporting ongoing marketing.


GeniusBoy: BSC Token & Mobile Game

GeniusBoy token is supported by the GeniusBoy Mobile Game. Micro-transaction within the game are used to buy and burn the token. For more details visit GeniunBoy.cc The tokenomincs of GeniusBoy are: 8% Marketing, 5% Auto-Liquidity, 2% Token Redistribution to Holders.



Would you like your very own BSC Token, created by GEN?

We have developed a Token Generator Tool that you can use to make a token in minutes! Our tokens include many unique features and you can rest assured that your developer is 100% Safu! Gen is fully doxed with KYC audits at Coinsniper and Audit Tech Rate. To find out more, and create your token today, click on the button below.

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